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    I use Google Music and tried everything I could but it didn’t work :/ I think it’s a hardware complication now

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    If you have access to compressed air, you will probably try to blow out the headphone jack; perhaps from an internaltseka fluff flew out or something else fell into your hand. If that doesn’t work and you’re sure the headphones seem to be connected, your phone is dead.

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    only one headphone works on my phone

    01-12-2012 14:25


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    I had literally the same thing with my S3. In my case it was a pad with a far ring contact on the outside with a headphone jack. I had to use a very small screwdriver to gently pry it on the pin in the connector chamber. This solved my problems, but be careful, because contact is tricky.

    07/03/2013 11:15

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    On the Galaxy S3, go to Settings > Accessibility >> Accessibility >> scroll down to “Then Hearing”, tap “Audio Balance” and make sure the blue line in the middle is for the same usage. Hope this helps.

    23.05.07:28 2013

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    SorryThere is a constant problem with the S3 garden. I just noticed that my phone was having similar problems, so I tightened the screw under the battery cover, which helped.



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    I received a brand new pair of FMJ Skullcandy today. It didn’t take me to the main computer so I knew it wasn’t a headset. Also, I could hear YouTube perfectly on my mobile phone, so that was the music app on my LG my Optimus G Pro. After reading this, I set the slider all the way to the right (below the setting mentioned by one person). This core allowed the mass to work. I returned it in the middle. I think my mistake was someone else’s. Thanks!

    12.10.2013 15:45

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    I had an obstacle like this But it was application-specific: PowerAmp was unaffected, but any songs from other players (Jango, Concert vault, etc.) remained stuck on left output.about the channel.
    After trying everything obvious, it turned out that this is a bug with some types of liner, which both times were manually fixed by kernel downgrades (LK7.0 on AOSP 4.2.2 works well, 7.2 does not). Something to know if you are running the latest custom kernel or have done the latest ROM update.



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