Most normal people don’t enter system recovery. However, sometimes in an attempt to clean up the computer and restore the shelves, users go to the C: drive and start deleting applications and folders as well, with varying degrees of success. This way your user can find the hidden Appdata folder. What is the Windows AppData file in (and 10 11)? Which open the AppData folder in Windows? Can you delete this appdata folder? the article will answer all your questions. submitted

microsoft AppData for the Windows 7 folder in 2009. Since then, it has become an integral part of the operating system. The appdata folder is located in the profile file for each Windows user. Applications on your computer store various user written documents and settings. For example, Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, is also stored in the AppData folder.

It should be noted that when using global application methods (settings that apply to each participant on a separate computer), store the files in the

How To Get To The Windows 10/11 Appdata Folder?

How do I access AppData?

Open the key combination [Windows] + Via [r] “Run”. You enter “%appdata%” in the “Open” segment and press “OK” to open the “Roaming” subfolder in the AppData folder.

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Windows hides the AppData folder in case of default. Moreover, hidden files and folders are not visible by default (hence their name). So you sometimes find AppData folder for 10 windows and 11.AppData

Open Folder In Windows 10

  1. Open File Explorer and look at the “View” tab.tick
  2. Place immediately after the Hidden Elements element.
  3. Now go folder name c:usersyour user and open the hidden directory AppData (it has a transparent icon).

Open The Windows 11 Folder In Appdata

  1. To open all folders In appdata Windows 11, without closing Windows Explorer, View > Click > Show > Hidden Items. These are visible hidden files and folders.
  2. Go to C:Usersyour username.

There is another open way In the appdata folder Windows 10 18 and. You can press R+ win and enter %USERPROFILE%AppData. You can also enter %USERPROFILE%AppData in the address bar of the explorer. Note that this action may not require you to enable hidden files in folders, as the family command will direct you directly to the correct directory.

What Is This Folder?

The appdata folder AppData for Windows 10 and 11 Local contains additional folders: LocalLow Roaming and . what are they supposed to do:

  • Local. This folder stores device-specific settings and cached files. There is a %LOCALAPPDATA% user environment variable for this skill folder that you can use inpersonal scripts and batch file scripts.
  • Local Bass. Windows Perfect stores mostly data generated by various Java application browsers (internet Adobe, etc.). It is also used in low-level access systems, for example in connection with your browser’s temporary files when running in secure mode. In addition, this catalog site cannot be transferred to any other computers.
  • wandering. You can transfer executable files from this folder to other computer folders. The roaming folder stores browsing data from etc. bookmarks. This directory allows users to always work in a familiar environment when using runtime or user profiles directly on any server in the Remote Desktop Services farm. The environment of this directory variable has always been %APPDATA%.
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    How To Clean Up The AppData Folder?

    The AppData directory accumulates quite a lot of files from other people and eventually wastes them, which takes up a lot of space on the CD. You can clear a specific AppDataLocalTemp directory without harming the Windows folder.

    app dataThe numbers grow with every new app you install. The more games and programs you have on your laptop or desktop, the larger the AppData folder will be. Windows itself controls the size of this non-folder, its growth is completely uncontrolled and unlimited.

    Most importantly, uninstalling a program or game usually does not remove the appdata folder from the files. As a result, my AppData folder fills up with documents and folders that you no longer need or that you no longer need.

    Important. Do not press Shift+Delete on the application folder, this barbaric method harms other WordPress on your computer. indeed There is a special tool to clear the AppData in your current folder in Windows.util

    Standard Disk Management in Windows 10 11 is also required to view the AppData folder. About

    1. click I win and choose System > Storage.
    2. Click “System Disk”, then selected “Temporary Files”. On
    3. then the “Certain Temporary Internet Files and Temporary Files” screen”.
    4. Click the “Delete Files” button and wait until Windows deletes only unnecessary files.


    To definitely save space on your system drive, you can also move the folder to another partition or drive. This will help you when AppData Cleanup doesn’t fix the problem.

    1. Open the AppData file on the system drive by right-clicking the folder to be moved.
    2. Click the And new button to specify a location for the folder.
    3. Click the Move button.
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    Similarly, you can specify a new location for the temporary folder. This helper will help you perfectly clean the folder in appdata Windows 10 and 11.A

    1. Create a new temporary file on a non-system drive. For example, on the D drive type
    2. Press + Win, type r and sysdm.cpl.
    3. Now click the “Advanced” tab in the system window” “Properties.
    4. click the Environment Variables button.
    5. Select TEMP and click the Edit das icon.
    6. Enter 3e%3c/ the path to the folder you previously created on another drive.
    7. Repeat the same for the Tmp variable.

    As an option, launch an elevated command prompt and run the command to create the 4-way AppData shutdown (symlink) directory:


    mklink C:Users%username%AppData /d X:usernameappdata

    Replace X with the appropriate drive letter. Then, log in as an administrator of the new profile and move the specific folder to the new location.

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    Is it OK to delete AppData?

    because appdata stores the most important piece of information about the programs installed on the computer. This All information is in the user’s profile. And one of the many installed apps [local/domain] is stored in Appdata. Therefore, it is not recommended to delete this content or folders alternatively.